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Is The NME Still Being Published?

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NME is short for New Musical Express and the equally short answer to the question is no. Not as a paper anyway. I used to read the NME avidly in my youth. It was the go-to newspaper if you really wanted to know what was going on in music. There was also Melody Maker but the two were like Blue Peter and Magpie. If you read the NME, chances were you didn’t go near the Melody Maker.

Screenshot_2020-08-03 The Newsroom NME com
The NME is alive and kicking. Click here to visit now. It’s packed full of great content.

In the old days it sold hundreds of thousands of copies every week but, having it’s physical circulation eroded by the digital age, in March 2018, the publisher (Time) announced that the print edition of the NME would cease publication after 66 years and become an online-only publication, basically the website you see today.

For me, as an old NME fan, it is incredibly sad, and no matter what anyone says, being able to flick through its rough and ready newsprint was much better than running your digit down the smooth, slick screen of an iPhone. The smartphone just isn’t very rock and roll.


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