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Missing In Action: Roland TD30KV

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I have a couple of old, but good, Roland TD6 and TD8 drum kits and now that my abilities have improved, I fancied an upgrade. A new kit seems out of the question at this point so I turned to Ebay.

Music Life Roland TD30KV 3
I was hoping Ebay would be awash with kits in the run up to Christmas but, surprisingly, no. Plenty of overpriced older models and nothing along the TD12 lines I was hoping for. I did find a TD30 for around £4,500 but why would you buy a second-hand TD30 when for probably with a little haggling, you could buy a brand new TD50 for around £750 more. And the TD30 featured wasn’t the much-desired TD30KV. Apparently, this was one of the greatest kits Roland have ever made and everyone says they couldn’t understand why they stopped producing it.

Music Life Roland TD30KV 2
So it seems at this point, only a Roland TD30KV will do. I suspect I may be in for a long wait. But if you do see one, tell it I’m looking for it.

Music Life Roland TD30KV 1
Incidentally, I dropped by my local drum store and while they had an excellent selection of conventional kits, their V Drum selection was pretty limited. Anyway, it was nice browsing and being around fellow drummers for twenty minutes.

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